Welcome to the website of the iCANTM, a revolutionary visual display screen and more. If you are looking for full 360 impact from digital signage then look no further.

The iCANTM has many uses ranging from Point of Sale to Exhibition Stands, Brand awareness to Information points.


Advertise with Us

We are in the process of building our very own digital advertising network www.icanc360tv.co.uk which is a network of iCANS deployed in high footfall retail locations all linked to our ROMAN content scheduling system via the internet. We then aim to sell the air time to progressive brands and businesses who are looking for real returns on investment from their campaigns.

Please take a look at the demo movies, where you will see the unique impact the iCANTM, makes on a consumer and hopefully make clear how your brand could benefit from utilising this innovative technology.

Thanks for visiting us today and we look forward to hearing from you.